M.Sc. Anastassja Akal

PhD Student

Research Interests

  • Discovery of novel enzymes
  • Protein engineering
  • Biocatalysis
  • Biotechnology and Bioprocesses


  • PhD student at KAUST (Since 08/2014)   Title: Establishment of novel enzymes for biocatalysis
  • MSc. Technical University of Munich, Studies of Molecular Biotechnology (10/2010-10/2012)  Title: Recombinant production of the extracellular part from EpCAM for the purpose of Anticalin Selection                                                                   
  • Exchange Student. Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm (08/2010-03-2011)
  • BSc. Technical University of Munich, Studies of Molecular Biotechnology (10/2007-07/2010)  Title: Process engineering of Streptomyces tendae mutants for the purpose of Nikkomycin Z production ​