The BOC Group


The BOC-Laboratories are a variegated group of Postdocs, PhD students, laboratory assistents and internship students from all around the world. The background of the co-workers is very diverse, from biology to inorganic chemistry, from organic synthesis to theoretical calculations.


Below you find the group pictures from the last years.     

       September 2014

    Back row from left: Dr. Jörg Eppinger, Dr. Dinesh Sawant, Stefan Grötzinger, Johannes Fischer,

Dr. Gabriel E. Buchel, Wiebke Wackerow, Dr. Michael Ochsenkuhn, Dr. Xuechao Liu, Adrian Hohl, Sean Searle.

Front row from left: Seema Arun Ghorpade, Weiyuan Du, Anastassja Akal, Israa Al-Rowaihi, 

Malvina Vogler, Rkia Laamarti, Dr. Meina Liu,  Arwa Makki, Eva Schussmann.


                                                                                                       November 2013

                    _MG_5912 - Arbeitskopie 2.jpg


    Back row from left: Dr. Jörg Eppinger, Johannes Fischer, Stefan Grötzinger, Felix Quitterer,

Dr. Michael Ochsenkühn, Adrian Hohl, Dr. Xuechao Liu, Dr. Dinesh Sawant.

                                          Front row from left: Anna Zernickel, Rkia Laamarti, Malvina VoglerArwa Makki, Israa Al-Rowaihi, 
                                                  Luisa Lempenauer, ​Dr. Xiaohe Miao, Paul Harris, Dr. Meina Liu, ​Seema Arun Ghorpade.



March 2013
Back row from left: Stefan Grötzinger, Johannes Fischer, Dr. Jörg Eppinger,
Dr. Michael Ochsenkühn, Philipp Altmann, Alexander Barthel,
Dr. Dinesh Sawant, Philipp Walter.
Front row from left: Malvina Vogler
Arwa Makki, Anna Zernickel, Dr. Bastian Sauerer,
Dr. Jothibasu Ramasamy,
Israa Al-Rowaihi, Dr. Xiaohe Miao, Paul Harris.



September 2012
From left: Dr. Dinesh Sawant, Dr. Matthias LeeMalvina VoglerAnna Zernickel, Dr. Bastian Sauerer,
Dr. Jothibasu Ramasamy,
Tobias Helbich, Johannes Fischer, Israa Al-Rowaihi, Rkia Laamarti,
Dr. Jörg Eppinger,  Arwa Makki, Dr. Abdul Shaikh.



January 2012
Back row from left: Dr. Abdul Shaikh, Dominik Jantke, Dr. Jothibasu Ramasamy, Dr. Jörg Eppinger, Dr. Bastian Sauerer.
Front row from left:
Arwa Makki, Dr. Xiaohe Miao, Dr. Susan Lauw, Dr. Matthias Lee, Jennifer Loyd-Randolfi,
Engy Khamis,
Anna Zernickel, Malvina Vogler.

July 2011
Back row from left: Dr. Valerio D'Elia, Dr. Jörg Eppinger, Dr. Jothibasu Ramasamy, Dr. Abdul Shaikh,
Dominik Jantke, Dr. Matthias Lee.
Front row from left: Anna Zernickel, Dr. Bastian Sauerer, Arwa Makki, Jennifer Loyd-Randolfi,
Dr. Susan Lauw, Dr. Xiaohe Miao, Nayif Alhomoud.

 November 2010
Back row from left: Dominik Jantke, Thomas Klatt, Johannes Schlüter, Alexander N. Marziale,
Dr. Jörg Eppinger, Johannes Fischer, Johannes Richers.
Front row from left: Nawal Al-Hajri, Amelie Koch, Dr. Susan Lauw, Maximilian Brackmann,
Dr. Matthias Lee, Anna Zernickel, Dr. Stefan Faul.


July 2010
From left: Markus Bob Scheibel, Dr. Jörg Eppinger, Dr. Stefan Faul, Dr. Matthias Lee, Dr. Susan Lauw,
Dominik Jantke, Alexander Marziale.


Before August 2009 the Eppinger Group was located in Munich, Germany at the Technische Universität München. During this period Dr. Eppinger was head of the independent research group “Molecular Catalysis”.

August 2008 
Back row from left: Dr. Jörg Eppinger, Ramona Lex, Björn Askevold, Stefan Faul, Alexander Marziale.
Front row from left: Alice Schlichtiger, Katharina Nikolaides, Ingrid Span, Thomas Reiner.

June 2007

From left: Stefan Faul, Johannes Zink, Alice Schlichtiger, Thomas Reiner, Alexander Marziale,

Stefan Prill, Katharina Nikolaides, Dr. Jörg Eppinger.